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It does not matter how clean your home is, the risk of pest infestation is always there. Wasps will find the tiniest of holes in your roof to build a nest in and rats can make a home in your drains. Pets, or even your own children, can bring fleas, or bed bugs into the house and once in your home, they quickly make themselves at home.

One thing we know for sure is that people do not like pest infestations of any kind and want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. We also know that, although 99% of infestations cannot be blamed on the property occupants, people do feel ashamed to have an infestation and would rather as few people know about it as possible.

Fast Action On Pests

Northern Pest Solutions can react very quickly to pest infestations. As soon as you alert us to the problem you can expect a visit within 24 hours to either take immediate action or else establish a clear eradication plan.

From the first step onwards, you can expect a clear explanation of what the causes of the infestation are, what options are available for eradication and our recommended actions for your approval.

The visit is made in an unmarked van for complete confidentiality as to the nature of the visit.

Three Stage Process

Northern Pest Solutions always deals with eradication in three steps:

1. undertake the eradication process


2. initial check that action has been successful


3. final check that the infestation has been removed

Eradication Process

From bed bugs to rats in the drains we cover a very wide range of pests and each infestation has its own characteristics and root cause. This means that each project we undertake is pretty much unique.

We do of course draw upon many years of experience and there are common elements such as the effective poisons for particular animals, but we tailor each solution specifically to the case concerned. This includes the premises occupier who may have specific sensitivities we need to work around. For example, if the occupant has a pet such as a dog, or cat certain poison options will be ruled out as too risky for the pet.

A wasps nest can usually be dealt with pretty much immediately, but a mouse, or lice infestation may take longer and so we will establish a plan that can be implemented with the occupier to ensure minimum disruption, but maximum effect over as short a period as possible.

The Initial Check

Following implementation of the eradication plan, or action we will schedule in a follow-up visit after an appropriate period of time.

This visit is there to make sure the plan, or action has worked. We will be looking for evidence of dead pests and also evidence that the pests are no longer active.

If for, some reason, the plan has not worked, then this visit provides an opportunity to make adjustments to and make the plan more effective. In this case an additional initial check visit will be made.

Depending on the pest and infestation concerned, we may re-lay poison, or traps in preparation for the final check.

The final Check

The final check is made to make sure the pest has definitely been removed. We check for any evidence of pest activity and then when we are happy there has been none, we safely remove any poisons for safe disposal.

Cost Effective

Northern Pest Solutions is a small local business with low overheads. Although you can expect a thoroughly professional service throughout, you will be pleasantly surprised at our fees – especially when compared with national businesses.

If you have a current pest concern – contact us to ask for a no obligation estimate now.

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